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Burnt Orange Theatre REP Company

The Ultimate Playground For Young Actors

The REP Company 2023-2024

The REP Company is our transformative, alternative, open access and free training provision for young actors. 

Transforming the traditional REP model, the company offers a core company six months of training and performance experience. Alongside the core company, we offer regular, open access, free workshops for anyone aged 16-21.

The REP Company closed its doors for the 2023/24 season in early May 2024, but will return in Summer 2024 for the 24/25 season. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about the new launch.

Over the six months of running the project, we engaged almost 600 people as workshop participants, audience members, creative team and in the company itself. We produced 6 unique workshops, 10 performances of 2 productions and worked with 4 local venue partners to bring it all to life.

REP 2023-2024



Alix Lander

Chloe Chaffin

Eithne Garricks

Florence Chevall

Ioan Oosthuizen

Kaci Kerwick

Lauren McIntyre

Leon Day

Lucas Ayton

Phoebe Constantin

Sarah Caralho

Vere van der Broek

Zaafir Virmani

Zoe Agbon



Rosie Thomas

Anna Blackburn

Amy Rushent

Gabriella Chanova 

Sally Toynton

Sam Smith

Janelle Benjamin

Mason DIlworth

Phoebe Sule

Martina Bayrakova 



Anna Blackburn

Benjamin Salmon

Darcy Willison

 Martha Ibbotson

Amy Rushent

Gabriella Chanova

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