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It’s the last day of Year eleven, and a group of students are trudging through the day. Some want to leave with an Avengers style speech, cursing out all the people who ever crossed them.
Others are grappling with their own sense of self, and what will happen when they leave behind the world they’ve been thrown into for five years.
And there’s also a girl, who just wants to pass Drama, and she’s actually really annoyed because you didn’t bring the mind map we made from the stimulus, and we still have to get all our coursework together, and you do know we’re performing today right?

But for the most part, it’s a matter of keeping their heads down and holding their breath until the gates open.

A collection of poems and short scenes, this episodic play gives centre stage to students you may recognise from your English class, and what they really think of this place.

Written and directed by Mia Tharia - This Place performed at the Omnibus Theatre in October 2021.


Saskia Kishon

Africa Blagrove

JD Jenkinson

Mia Tharia

Sekou Diaby

Mahdi Netusil

Yaddeep Nirman

Rana Bader

Amelia Markowicz

Elan Davies

Mya Onwugbonu

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