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In association with Imperial College London

Throughout August – October 2020, we were delighted to partner with The Patience Experience Research Centre at Imperial College London and engaged 20 young creatives between the ages of 14-20 in COVID-19 research.

Each group of young people worked virtually to create a short film which incorporated their personal experiences, and elements of the research report their group was assigned.

The project was initiated and managed by Fola Afolabi, supported and facilitated by Burnt Orange and Holly Mazur, and funded by The NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Northwest London.


“You are all so creative and I admire your bravery and use of digital tools to put this together. I hope to see more of this”

“I found myself really learning about how your experiences were turned upside down by this pandemic.”

"You all hit on some major issues from the pandemic and presented the shades of grey in a very mature way"

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