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#YOLO 2022

Written by Matthew Buglo, Directed by Mark Crawley

"How am I supposed to deal with… that… with the idea of… when I haven’t dealt with life yet?"

It’s A-Level results day and Jack has it all laid out in front of him. After a summer of love and laughter with his mates, he’s off to university. He can’t wait for Freshers week, with all the adventures that will follow. Life is just beginning, and it couldn’t be better. But when Jack gets blind-sided by a revelation about his health, he gets propelled into an adult would before he’s had a chance to enjoy his youth.  

Created by Mark Crawley in partnership with Burnt Orange Theatre, #YOLO uses an ensemble of 10, bringing to life physically the lives and friendships of young people growing up when it feels like everything is crumbling around you. 

Will Jack be able to become an adult in time to save himself? 



Sophie Jackson
Daisy Shaw
Tabitha O’Sullivan
Myka Defoe
Anja Cilia
Ben Wickramasuriya
Mer Bruce
Zaki Ali
Nia Johal
Emma Morgan

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